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How to Know When Clutch Repair is Necessary

Clutch Repair

Your car's clutch is the device that connects the rotating shafts, typically two or more. It transports the engine's power to the vehicle's wheels, so put simply it is absolutely essential to have your clutch working properly to power your car. Without a functioning clutch, you cannot shift gears. Upon sensing any issues, clutch repair by a certified mechanic should be performed.

How does a Clutch Function

Cars with a manual transmission contain a clutch pedal that can be found next to the brake pedal, typically to the left. When driving, a car needs to be able to fluctuate in speeds, obviously, and to do so the connection between the engine and wheel needs to come to a halt, temporarily. The clutch allows this movement to be smooth and, when used inappropriately, protects the drivetrain. The clutch is structured with the clutch disc and clutch cover. The disc functions so the engine torque can be halted and transmitted by engrossing to and from the flywheel. The cover works as a support system. It supports the system of rotation and transmits engine torque through its pushing of the disc.

Clutch Repair

Signs for Clutch Repair

There are warning signs that may indicate there is an issue with either your clutch disc or another part related to the clutch. The assembly of your clutch has multiple components and if any part is worn down or not maintained, clutch repair may be necessary. Signs that may indicate the need for clutch repair include:

  • Abnormal noises when you shift gears
  • Abnormal noises when in neutral
  • Abnormal noises when the pedal is pushed
  • A vibrating pedal
  • A pulsating pedal
  • Difficulty starting including slow start
  • Difficulty with Reversing

Clutch Repair Cost and Process

There are various factors that will determine the costliness and intensity of repair. Contributing factors include what type of vehicle you own including the make and model. The stance of your vehicle and its parts also play a role including whether or not the parts in place are remanufactures, new or used. Only some parts may need to be replaced as there may only be issues with a portion of the clutch which is way the range of an estimated cost for clutch repair can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand. Upon sensing the need for repair, visit a certified mechanic at your automotive repair shop as soon as possible to prevent any escalation in damage and ensure minimal need for repair.